More testimonials….

“Anthony’s wonderful walking tour of Grand Central station was elucidating, witty and revelatory. His command and deep knowledge of the architectural history, urban planning, and the city’s changing demographic always closely intertwined with the city politics brought fresh perspectives to the talk. To think that the city came close to losing such a cherished landmark is amazing now that it is such a destination and cultural focal point. I would strongly recommend such a tour and look forward to uncovering more layers of the city’s history with Anthony again.”
—Program participant

“I took a private walking tour of the SoHo with Tony and had a marvelous time. We learned all about the neighborhood’s architectural history, and Tony was an expert historian and entertaining story-teller. He was very flexible and open to questions about buildings not on the “official” tour, but the official tour was thoughtfully planned to help us understand the chronological history of the area and its architecture. I’ll never see the neighborhood the same way again.”
—Deputy Editor at Slate Magazine

“I had the pleasure of attending Tony’s public Art Deco architectural tour a couple of years ago. It was so good that in my most recent visit to NYC I decided to splurge for a more personalized private tour for just a small group of friends. It was worth every penny. Tony gave a whirlwind 3-hour tour of Grand Central Terminal, the Daily News Building, the Ford Foundation, Tudor City, and the Chrysler Building. It was a magnificent insight to the history of the city and how it came to be the bustling metropolis that it is today. Tony is truly fantastic! He has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things architectural in the Big Apple. Even better, he knows the full cast of titans who made it all happen so that the history lesson was both informative and entertaining. If you are visiting NYC and have even the slightest interest in architecture you would be doing yourself a terrible disservice by not hiring Tony to show you around.”
—Program participant

“Tony provided a series of architectural tours and lectures over the course of three days for a group visiting New York. His background with the landmarks commission makes him eminently qualified in the subject matter, but what is equally impressive is his irrepressible enthusiasm and a pitch-perfect delivery of information. He is a New Yorker who loves his city, and it shows. He also enjoys talking to and with people — he’s extremely approachable and personable — and that makes him a winner. Last of all, he is tireless and perseveres as a lecturer even after four or five hours of talking in the rain, through Times Square crowds, and midtown traffic. His commentary will resonate for me and others on future trips to New York.”
—Meg MacDonald, Travel Muse

“My friends and I recently visited New York City and were eager to see the Art Deco architecture. We lucked out in hiring Tony as our guide. Tony brings a wealth of expertise to the subject matter and he infuses his stories with delight and enthusiasm. The morning of the tour was bitterly cold but we were so engrossed in the fascinating history and the beauty of the place that we hardly noticed. My friend’s young nephew was so inspired that he went to the Lego store afterward and built his own Art Deco skyscraper! Can’t wait to come back to NY and try another tour of Tony’s!
—Program participant

“I have been meaning to write to you for a while to thank you for your contribution to our September tour. The clients’ comments were glowing. I particularly like ‘An absolute winner and so infectiously enthusiastic.'”
—British tour operator

“Your program last Thursday at The National Arts Club was bewitching, as evidenced by the rapt assembly. The magic carpet ride through Art Deco New York was breathtaking, and earned countless compliments (not to mention a high rating on the ooooh-and-aaaah meter). Bravo!”
—National Arts Club

“I was informed and entertained all at once! The audience response was one of complete enthusiasm for you and the subject matter.”
—Librarian, New York Public Library

“Your leader, Tony Robins, was very knowledgeable and really passed his enthusiasm on to both of us. We literally look at buildings differently now.”
—Program participant

“With his effortless congeniality and immense knowledge, Mr. Robins transported us back to the late twenties, putting us in the conference rooms, design studios and taverns where the architects of the day, Hood and Kahn and the others, conceived Midtown’s architectural destiny. Mr. Robins enlightened in a manner never approaching highfalutin but rather with a welcome tinge of awe and appreciation.”
—Program participant

“…a great success thanks to your insight and knowledge of our city. I have received so many nice cards (not standard evaluation forms, but cards – pretty ones at that), thanking everyone involved for a terrific program.”
—Special Project Director, Programs for Senior Fulbright Fellows

“Thank you for another very successful walking tour. Our audience can’t seem to get enough and all the feedback, as usual, was glowing.” 
—Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

“…enlightening and enjoyable lecture on Art Deco. It was the talk of the Library the following day — everyone loved it!”
—Librarian, Chappaqua Public Library