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Bringing New York Landmarks to Life

Coming to New York and want an overview of its wonders? Planning a week of Broadway shows and curious about the history of those marvelous theaters? Ever wonder why so many of the world’s tallest buildings — Woolworth, Chrysler, Empire State, World Trade Center — were built here in New York? Mad for Art Deco, the style that made New York the world’s modern metropolis? Amazed that this modern metropolis can protect three centuries’ worth of historic landmarks? Or do you just miss New York and want to spend an hour vicariously enjoying its delights?

Tony Robins offers illustrated lectures on New York’s architecture and history. He speaks nationally and internationally, for audiences ranging from Fulbright Fellows to Elder Hostel groups. Join him on an enchanted excursion through the city’s history, and watch New York come to life before your very eyes.