Radio and TV Interviews and other videos

Art Deco New York book talk at the Skyscraper Museum, July 11th, 2017

“Guiding Spirit Award” from the Guides Association of New York City, March 6, 2017″

New York wonders for Melbourne radio host

Interview with Denis Walter on Radio 3AW (Melbourne, Australia)

Gracie Mansion

Interview (excerpt) with Marisol Castro on PIX 11 Morning News

Empire State Building

Interview (excerpt) with Kytie Tong on WPIX (for the full program click here)

World Trade Center

Interview (excerpt) with Geraldine Jamieson on Manx Radio, on how the book came to be

Interview with John Farley of WNET’s MetroFocus on the design of the Trade Center (for the full site, click here)

Grand Central Terminal Centennial

Interview (excerpt) with Michael Gargiulo of WNBC-TV (for the full program, click here)

Interview (excerpt) with Matt Ryan of PBS’s “New York Now” (for the full program, click here)

Interview (excerpt) with Sam Roberts of NY1’s “The New York Times Close Up” (for the full program, click here)

Stanton Street Synagogue

Interview with Stephen Fee of JN1-TV (excerpt) in a story about the preservation of the Stanton Street Synagogue on Manhattan’s Lower East Side – a building that shares its Centennial with Grand Central Terminal (for the full program, click here)

Rockefeller Center

Excerpt about Rockefeller Center from “Historic Walks: Hollywood, New York & Philadelphia,” part of a series by a British company.

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission

Interview with Al Meredith of CBS-FM radio in 1993 about the New York Landmarks Preservation Commission, on the occasion of the release of the new edition of the Commission’s guide-book to New York landmarks.