Art Deco Landmarks – Reports

Unofficial List of Officially Designated New York City Landmarks in the Art Deco Style, with their Research Reports

An abbreviated list, based on New York Landmarks Preservation Commission information. Individual designation reports on each one are now available on-line courtesy of the Neighborhood Preservation Center – right-click on the links to download (they are large .pdf files) – otherwise they will open in a separate browser. Note that interiors, where designated, have separate reports (marked by separate links). Note also that the list doesn’t include Art Deco buildings inside historic districts unless they were previously designated as individual landmarks, e.g., the Century, Majestic and Eldorado apartments.

Several Art Deco buildings in New York are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, but not designated as local landmarks by the Landmarks Commission. Individual nominations (the equivalent of the LPC’s designation report) are now available on-line courtesy of the New York State Historic Preservation Office. Art Deco buildings on the National Register (marked “NR”) are included in the lists below, but only if they are not also local landmarks.



19 Rector Street, Lafayette A. Goldstone, 1929-30 (NR)

21 West Street, Starrett & Van Vleck, 1929-31

American Stock Exchange (originally New York Curb Exchange), 113-123 Greenwich Street, Starrett & Van Vleck, 1920-21 and 1929-30

Bankers Trust Building, 14 Wall Street, addition, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon 1931-33

Barclay Vesey Building and Interior, 140 West Street, McKenzie, Voorhees & Gmelin, 1923-27

Cities Service Building and Interior, 70 Pine Street, Clinton & Russell, Holton & George, 1930-32

City Bank-Farmers Trust Company Building, 20 Exchange Place, Cross & Cross, 1930-31

Downtown Athletic Club, 19 West Street, and its neighboring office building (now apartments) at 21 West Street, both by Starrett & Van Vleck, 1929-30

Insurance Company of North America Building, 99 John Street (NR)

Irving Trust Company (formerly – now Bank of New York), 1 Wall Street, Voorhees Gmelin & Walker, 1931

Long Distance Building of the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, now AT&T Headquarters, and Interior, 32 Sixth Avenue, Voorhees, Gmelin & Walker, 1930-32

Manhattan Company Building, 40 Wall Street, H. Craig Severance, 1929-30

New School for Social Research interior, Joseph Urban, 1930-31

Substation 235 (aka Greenwich Substation), 23 West 13th Street, 1932 (NR)

Substation 409 (aka Stanton Street Substation), 163 Essex Street, 1936 (NR)

US Post Office/Federal Building, 90 Church Street, Cross & Cross et. al., 1934-38 (NR)

Western Union Building, 60 Hudson Street, and Interior, Voorhees, Gmelin & Walker, 1928-30.


2 Park Avenue, Ely Jacques Kahn, 1926-28

275 Madison Avenue, Kenneth Franzheim, 1930-31

315-325 West 36th Street, Blum & Blum, 1926 (NR)

American Radiator Building, 40 West 40th Street, Raymond Hood, 1923-24

Beaux-Arts Apartments, 307 and 310 East 44th Street, Kenneth M. Murchison and Raymond Hood, Godley & Fouilhoux, 1929-30

Beaux-Arts Institute of Design, 304 East 44th Street, Dennison & Hirons, 1928

Brill Building, 1619 Broadway, Victor A. Bark, Jr., 1930-31

Chanin Building, 122 East 42nd Street, Irwin S. Chanin with Sloan & Robertson, 1927-29

Central IND Substation, 126 West 53rd Street, 1932 (NR)

Chrysler Building and Interior, 405 Lexington Avenue, William Van Alen, 1928-30

Daily News Building and Interior, 220 East 42nd Street, Raymond M. Hood, 1929-30

Empire State Building and Interior, 350 Fifth Avenue, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1929-31

Film Center Building Interior, 630 Ninth Avenue, Ely Jacques Kahn, 1928-29

Fuller Building and Interior, 41 East 57th Street, Walker & Gillette, 1928-20

General Electric Building, 570 Lexington Avenue (originally RCA Building), Cross & Cross, 1929-31

Goelet Building, now Swiss Center, and lobby, 608 Fifth Avenue, Victor L.S. Hafner and Edward Hall Faile, 1930-32

Hearst Magazine Building, 951-969 Eighth Avenue, Joseph Urban, 1927-28

Horn & Hardart Building, 2710-2714 Broadway, Frederick Putnam Platt & Brother, 1930

L.P. Hollander & Company Building, 3 East 57th Street, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon, 1929-30

Madison-Belmont Building, 181 Madison Avenue, Warren & Wetmore, 1924-25, ironwork by Edgar Brandt

McGraw Hill Building, 330 West 42nd Street, Raymond Hood, Godley & Fouilhoux, 1930-31

Metropolitan Life Home Office Complex, Madison Avenue from 23rd to 25th steets, (NR)

Panhellenic Tower, now the Beekman Tower Hotel, 3 Mitchell Place, John Mead Howells, 1928

Rockefeller Center, Associated Architects and others, 1931-1955 (for the last additions), including 600 Fifth Avenue30 Rockefeller Plaza Interior and the International Building Interior, and the lobby and auditorium of Radio City Music Hall, and most recently the interior of The Rainbow Room

Starrett-Lehigh Building, 601-625 West 26th Street, Cory & Cory, 1930-31

Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue, Schultze & Weaver, 1929-31


210 East 68th Street, Blum & Blum, 1928 (NR)

49 East 80th Street, Harry Allen Jacobs, 1929-30 (NR)

Century Apartments, 25 Central Park West, Irwin S. Chanin, 1931

Eldorado Apartments, 300 Central Park West, Margon & Holder, 1929-31

Highbridge Play Center, Amsterdam Avenue between West 172nd Street and West 174th Street, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36

(Former) Horn & Hardart Automat Cafeteria, 2710-2714 Broadway at 104th Street, F.P. Platt & Brother, 1930.

Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist (now Hebrew Tabernacle of Washington Heights), 551 Fort Washington Avenue, Cherry & Matz, 1932

Kent Automatic Parking Garage, now Sofia Apartments, 33-43 West 61st Street, Jardine, Hill & Murdock, 1929-30

Majestic Apartments, 115 Central Park West, Irwin S. Chanin, 1930-31

Master Building, 310-312 Riverside Drive, Helmle, Corbett & Harrison, 1928-29

Midtown Theater, now Metro Theater, 2624-2626 Broadway, Boak & Paris, 1932-33

Normandy Apartments, 140 Riverside Drive, Emery Roth & Sons, 1939-39

Substation 219 (aka Harlem Substation), 309 West 133rd Street, 1932 (NR)

369th Regiment Armory, administration building, 2360 Fifth Avenue, Van Wart & Wein, 1930-33

Thomas Jefferson Play Center, First Avenue between 111th and 114th Street, Aymar Embury II etc., 1935-36

And check the Upper West Side / Central Park West Historic District for additional Art Deco buildings.

Also the Upper East Side Historic District


Bronx County Courthouse Building, 851 Grand Concourse, Max Hausle and Joseph H. Freedlander, 1931-35

Bronx Post Office and Interior, 560 Grand Concourse, Thomas Harlan Ellett, 1935-37 (murals by Ben Shahn)

Concourse Yard Entry Buildings, West 205th Street between Jerome and Paul Avenues, 1933 (NR)

Concourse Yard Substation, 3119 Jerome Avenue, 1933 (NR)

Crotona Play Center and Interior, Fulton Avenue between East 172nd and 174th streets, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36

Dollar Savings Bank and Interior, 2516-2530 Grand Concourse, Halsey, McCormack & Helmer, 1932-33, with additions in 1937-38 and 1949-52

Grand Concourse Historic District (LPC) and also Grand Concourse Historic District (NR)

Herman Ridder Junior High School, 1619 Boston Road, Walter C. Martin, 1929-31

Jerome Park Reservoir, Goulden Reservoir and Sedgwick avenues, (additions of 1938) (NR)

Park Plaza Apartments, 1005 Jerome Avenue, Horace Ginsberg and Marvin Fine, 1929-31

Rainey Memorial Gates, Bronx Zoo, Paul Manship, 1934.


Betsey Head Play Center, Thomas Boyland Street between Livonia and Dumont Avenues, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-35

Brooklyn Public Library, Central Building, Grand Army Plaza, Githens & Keally, 1941

Long Island Headquarters of the New York Telephone Company, 97-105 Willoughby Street, Ralph Walker (of Voorhees, Gmelin & Walker), 1929-30

McCarren Play Center, Lorimer Street between Driggs Avenue and Bayard Street, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36

Red Hook Play Center – Sol Goldman Pool, 155 Bay Street, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36

Sears Roebuck & Company Department Store, 2227-2323 Beverly Road (at Bedford Avenue), Nimmons, Carr & Wright, with Alton L. Craft, 1932

Sunset Play Center and Interior, Seventh Avenue between 41st Street and 44th Street, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36


Astoria Park Pool and Play Center, 19th Street between 22nd Drive and Hoyt Avenue North, Aymar Embury II etc., 1935-36

J. Kurtz & Sons Store, 162-24 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, Allmendinger & Schlendorf, 1931

Jamaica Savings Bank, 146-21 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, Morrell Smith, 1939

La Casina, 90-33 160th Street, Jamaica, c.1933

Marine Air Terminal and Interior, La Guardia Airport, Delano & Aldrich, 1939-40

Ridgewood Savings Bank, 107-55 Queens Boulevard, Halsey, McCormack & Helmer, 1939-40

Suffolk Title and Guarantee Building, Jamaica, Queens, Dennison & Hirons, 1929


Lane Theater lobby and auditorium, 168 New Dorp Lane, John Eberson, 1937-38

Tompkinsville (Joseph H. Lyons) Pool and Interior, Victory Boulevard at Murray Hulbert Avenue, Aymar Embury II etc., 1934-36