Art Deco Society of NY – Research resources (temporary page)


Below you will find:

a) Notes and links from our review of January 13th, 2016.

b) List of architects known to have designed Art Deco buildings in New York City

Strategies for locating Art Deco buildings:

  • Travel street by street
  • Monographs on specific architects
  • Search architects on ProQuest and

Note: Don’t rely on secondary sources unless nothing else is available.

Thanks, and good luck!

Tony Robins




Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)  maps

LPC site – designation reports – searchable PDF’s that give information on specific buildings and historic districts

Neighborhood Preservation Center – designation reports (complete list, and searchable)(similar to LPC except includes rejected historic districts as well. )


Chris Gray’s article

National Register Bulletin No. 39

Avery Library: NYC History and NYC Buildings – download Dolkart’s guide to researching buildings

New York Public Library “researching your home’s history”

LPC guide


NYCityMap – You need to know the block and lot number rather than the building address, which you can find in this resource. Type the address and borough in the search bar to find all city information on the building. Don’t believe the “year built” number – it is an estimate from the Finance Department, and is often incorrect.

NYC Buildings Department – Building Information System (BIS) – The Buildings department is responsible for all alterations and construction of buildings in NYC. Note that the Certificate of Occupancy is a PDF that shows the original purpose of buildings. Sometimes shows the original architect at the bottom of the page.

Select “Actions” to see the list of all permits and applications filed for buildings. Main one to look for is “NB” —  “new building,” not to be conrfused with “BN” — “building notice.” The year given in the NB does not mean the building was built, it just means it was filed at that time.

Office for Metropolitan History (Chris Gray) new building application search – Simple way of getting the information on the original building department application for buildings in Manhattan. Doesn’t confirm if the building was built. Enter the NB found in the BIS to see it; only available from 1900 to 1986, but that covers all Art Deco buildings.

ProQuest: Accessible at the main branches of the New York Public Library. Optical scans of New York Times, New York Tribune, and many other periodicals.

NYC Department of Finance – Automated City Register Information System (ACRIS)  – to determine property ownership


Brooklyn Eagle

Fulton History – Digitized millions of news paper pages up through the 1950s

Real Estate Record and Guide – Covers real estate transactions in detail, available on-line only through 1922


Gotham Center – resource directory

NYU Guide

Stokes Iconography of Manhattan Island 

Stiles for Brooklyn

On-line book search


Historic photos of NYC

Apartment photos

Early Real Estate Insurance Maps

Berenice Abbott, “Changing New York”

Streetscape and Townscape of Metropolitan New York City, 1860-1942

Staten Island in Vintage Postcards

Fairchild Aerial photos 


1930s tax photos (order on-line)

Gottscho Schleisner Archive of Architectural Photos

Library of Congress set

Museum City of NY set

Avery Library (Columbia) set


City Hall Library on-line catalog

Municipal Archives

New York Public Library classic catalog

New York Public Library on-line resources (some available only at the library)

New-York Historical Society catalog (via BOBCAT)

Avery Library (Avery Periodical Index for Columbia University only, but: NY Public Library has it – on-site only)



Bronx Historical Society

Huntington Free Library


Brooklyn Historical Society

Brooklyn Library – Brooklyn Collection


Archive at Queens Borough Public Library

Staten Island

Staten Island Museum

Staten Island Historical Society

Alice Austin House


David Rumsey Map Collection

US Census Bureau home page

Forgotten New York

Bowery Boys

Untapped Cities


Real Estate Brochure Collection 


1. David Rumsey’s Historical Map Collection

2. Library of Congress Map Collection

3. Museum of the City of New York Collection Portal

4. New York Historical Society

5. New York Public Library Map Division


1. Chronicling America

• Digitized newspapers, 1836-1922

2. New York Public Librarys Newspapers

• Information on how to find historic newspapers

3. New York Times Archives

• Requires a current New York Times subscription, but available at the New York Public Library


1. Google Books

2. The Making of America Collection

3. Internet Archive

4. ProQuest

• Access at a NYPL branch

5. JSTOR – on-line library of scholarly journals

• Access at a NYPL branch


1. Genealogical Research at the New York Public Library • City directories, census records

2. US Census databases from 1790 to 1930

3. National Archives



Here’s the list of architects of Art Deco architects to be searched for in ProQuest and – I’ve listed them by the names under which they should be searched – newspapers don’t generally do “Muller, Adolf L.,” except in obiturary listings. More likely an article will have “designed by Adolf L. Muller,” which is why a search on “Adolf L. Muller” will be more productive than a search on “Muller, Adolf L.” In some cases I’ve listed both individuals and their firms, since they could be referred to either way in a newspaper article.
 Adolf L. Muller
Albert E. Schaefer
Albert Goldhammer
Alfred Morton Githens
Allmendinger & Schlendorf
Bien & Prince
Boak & Paris
Boris W. Dorfman
Bottomley, Wagner & White
Bowden & Russell
Buchman & Kahn
Carl Racklin
Caughey & Evans
Charles B. Meyers
Charles E. Greenberg
Charles O. Kreymborg
Cherry & Matz
Clinton & Russell
Corbett & Waid
Corbett, Harrison & MacMurray
Cross & Cross
David Goldner
Delano & Aldrich
Dennison & Hirons
Edward Hall Faile
Edward L. Larkin
Edward W. Franklin
Edward C. Sherwood
Elias K. Herzog
Ely Jacques Kahn
Emery Roth
Eric Kebbon
F.P. Platt & Brother
Fellheimer & Wagner
Francis Keally
Frank Grad
Franklin & Read
Franklin, Bates & Heindsmann
George & Edward Blum
George Meisner
George W. Swiller
Godwin, Thompson & Patterson
Goldhammer & Stillman
H. Craig Severance
H. Herbert Lillien
H.B. Rutkins
Halsey, McCormick & Helmer
Harry Allen Jacobs
Harvey Wiley Corbett
Hausle & Freedlander
Helmle, Corbett & Harrison
Henry J. McGill
Henry S. Churchill
Herman W. Cohn
Horace Ginsbern (Horace Ginsberg)
Hyman I. Feldman
Irving Margon
Irwin S. Chanin
Israel Crausman
J. M. Berlinger
Jacob Lubroth
Jacob M. Felson
Jardine, Hill & Murdock
John Eberson
John J. Macnamara
John Mead Howells
Joseph A. Gelbman
Joseph Freedlander
Joseph J. Furman
Joseph Schafran
Kavy & Kavovitt
Kenneth Franzheim
Kenneth Murchison
Lawrence M. Rothman
Leo Stillman
Lloyd Morgan
Louis Allen Abramson
Louis Allmendinger
Louis R. Uffner
Lucian Pisciotta
M. Allen Schlendorf
M. Gutman
Margon & Holder
Martyn N. Weinstein
Max Hausle
Miller & Goldhammer
Murgatroyd & Ogden
Nathan Rotholz
Oscar Goldschlay
Ralph Walker
Rapp & Rapp
Raymond Hood
Robert D. Kohn
Robert Gottleib
Rosario Candela
Samson Becker
Samson V. Becker
Schaefer & Rutkins
Schultze & Weaver
Schwartz & Gross
Shreve, Lamb & Harmon
Sloan & Robertson
Springsteen & Goldhammer
Starrett & Van Vleck
Stuckert & Company
Sugarman & Berger
Sylvan Bien
Talbot Hamlin
Thomas Dunn
Thomas Harlan Ellett
Thomas Lamb
Victor A. Bark, Jr.
Victor L.S. Hafner
Victor Mayper
Voorhees, Gmelin & Walker
Walker & Gillette
Walter C. Martin
William I. Hohauser
William Shary
William T. McCarthy
William Van Alen
There are monographs on Blum & Blum, Ely Jacques Kahn, Raymond Hood, Emery Roth, Delano & Aldrich, Boak & Paris.
Also worth perusing Robert A.M. Stern’s New York 1930.
Check all the addresses in Donald Sullivan and Brian Danforth’s “Art Deco Architecture”
Try general Google search on “Art Deco” and each borough name, and on each architect’s name
Try general Google Books search on each architect’s name