WTC Archive – New West Side Project 1962-63

The Hudson & Manhattan World Trade Center Project,” January 1962 A brochure announcing the new project, with artists’ renderings; 23 pages, complete.

Streamlining a Colossus” – Reprinted from the April, 1962 issue of Via Port of New York Article about the new project; five pages, complete.

Press release: First public showing of the WTC model (at the old New York Coliseum), May 9, 1962 One page, complete.

“The World Trade Center: Progress Report, June 1, 1962” Long memo from Guy Tozzoli summarizing recent developments in the project. Nine pages, complete.

“Appendix A: Transportation and Site Study, September 4, 1962” Long memo; 17 pages, incomplete.

“Planning Program for the World Trade Center, Issue No. 1, September 18, 1962” Long document; 39 pages, apparently incomplete.

“Analysis of Decision Given by the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court – February 19, 1963” Three pages, complete.

“Chronology of World Trade Center Project” January 1960 to November 1963; two pages, complete.

“Plans for the World Trade Center Made Public” 1963; 16 pages, incomplete.

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