WTC Archive – Architects and Architecture

In this section: materials relating to 1) the architect search, 2) Minoru Yamasaki, 3) Emery Roth Sons, 4) the design process, and 5) descriptions of the project as built.

  1. “Sample: Project Evaluation Questionnaire World Trade Center” This is a sample of the questionnaire used by the architect evaluation teams.
  2. “World Trade Center Evaluation of Architectural Firms: Book I” This is the first of two volumes from the architect search committee; 34 pages complete. Introductory material, then summaries of the committee’s findings on each firm.
  3. “World Trade Center Evaluation of Architectural Firms: Book II” This is the full account of the search committee; 102 pages, but missing another 40 pages.
  4. “Minoru Yamasaki – Minoru Yamasaki and Associates – Birmingham, Michigan” This is an undated typescript about the architect; two pages, complete.
  5. “The Architecture of the World Trade Center” by Minoru Yamasaki. This is a 1973 statement written by the architect; six pages, complete.
  6. Statement by Minoru Yamasaki. Two-page statement about the proposed project.
  7. “Architectural Plan of the World Trade Center” This is an undated description of what the World Trade Center will look like when constructed; three pages, complete.
  8. Emery Roth & Sons office blurb; brief description of the office; two pages
  9. Yamasaki’s model studies for the twin towers, copies made in Yamasaki’s office of photos of the various models he used in designing the complex; 20 pages

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