WTC Archive – Early plans

  1. “First report to the State legislature Submitted: December 31, 1946” An early proposal for a World Trade Center; 12 pages, complete.
  2. “World Trade Center – Introduction: Planning Division Studies. 7-11-60” A review of site selection and transportation issues; first 10 pages.
  3. “Memo to John M. Kyle, Chief Engineer from Richard M. Adler, re: World Trade Center Study – request for Stage I estimate – Site development scheme II – 9-12-60” Memo followed by typescript outline; 18 pages, apparently complete.
  4. “Proposed World trade Center: Preliminary Outline Specifications Scheme III for Stage I Estimate 11-30-60”  14 page document (some uncertainty about page numbering of last two pages)
  5. “Port of New York Authority Press Release – 3-13-61” Press release announcing the recommendation by the Port Authority to the governors of New York and New Jersey; 9 pages, complete.
  6. “Compilation of World Trade Center Technical and Physical Planning Data – April 1961” Technical date about the East Side project; first page and last 29 pages of a 68-page document.
  7. “United States Department of Commerce, ‘New Frontiers in Trade,’ address by Secretary of Commerce Luther H. Hodges to World Trade Luncheon, Hotel Plaza, New York, 5-24-1961” First two pages of a longer document, the rest of which does not relate to the World Trade Center.

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