Discover New York's Landmarks with Anthony W. Robins.

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Discover New York’s landmarks! Through publications, lectures, walking tours, courses and seminars, Anthony W. Robins has been bringing the city’s architecture and history to life for natives and visitors alike for years. He brings to his work the perspective gained in two decades on the staff of the city’s Landmarks Commission, and his love of the city and its history and architecture.

New York City, the modern metropolis, is in the eyes of New Yorkers and foreigners alike a perennially modern city – with what Brooklyn poet Walt Whitman described as a “tear-it-down-and-build-it-up-again” spirit. Yet it is also 400 years old, among the oldest large North American cities. Attempts to preserve something of the city’s history and built environment go back to its earliest days. The flowering of the city’s preservation efforts has coincided with the rescue and revitalization of the metropolis over the past several decades.
In the 1970s, New York City was falling apart. The city was broke and its infrastructure collapsing.  Its landmarks were deteriorating or disappearing.  At the same time, the seeds of renewal had been planted.  There was a new Landmarks Preservation Commission, created in 1965.  There was a brownstone revival movement growing in Brooklyn.  There was a whole new interest in the city’s history and architecture, evidenced by new publications and new educational programs, including walking tours, lectures, and classes.  Four decades later, New York is in many respects unrecognizable.  In terms of its landmarks and famous districts, the city is living a golden age.  The physical city has been transformed, rebuilt and restored.

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