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  1. Susan Schuur 7 Jan 2018 |

    Just froze here in frigid New York City on Tony’s Art Deco tour. It was wonderful! His enthusiasm for his subject & the rapid fire delivery of so much information was a “warming” experience. I’m a New Yorker and have always loved these buildings, but another look at them is always welcome, especially with such a terrific guide.

  2. Vicky myers 24 Nov 2017 |

    Another inside in depth historic presentation.
    No matter which books I’ve read about the subject
    Your description including personal lifestyles of the era
    Bring all to life.

    Thank you very much
    Vicky & Denny Myers

  3. Elia 16 Oct 2017 |

    I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with Mr. Anthony Robins. He shared his knowledge of architecture not only of the Woolworth Building but of surrounding buildings. His stories were interesting and kept me wanting to learn more about the beautiful real estate in New York City.
    I have been sharing my experience with friends and know of one who has probably already booked a date for this tour.

  4. ED 15 Oct 2017 |

    We were so in love with the Art Deco in Shanghai that we signed up for Tony’s tour of Art Deco in NY’s financial district. He was excellent and I am fussy about my walking tours. This one was this morning offered by Open House NY. However, he does more via Municipal Arts and privately—including the Woolworth Bldg which is a must see and hard to get to see.

  5. Marilyn 15 Oct 2017 |

    This tour guide might be best for those who enjoy the tours offered by the Chicago Architectural Foundation. That is the level and quality he achieves. He used amplification systems–which are crucial, because NY has street noise (such as tour busses). He is a raconteur. He is organized. He teaches and he got me at least to see things I never would have on my own and to notice things I would not have noticed on my own.

  6. Marilyn 15 Oct 2017 |

    First rate. Loved it.

  7. Shalom 27 Sep 2017 |

    I’ve taken (at least) three tours with Anthony Robins, all through the Municipal Art Society. These tours were all enjoyable, and Mr. Robins is very knowledgeable (as well as entertaining).

  8. Edgar 17 Sep 2017 |

    I bought the Woolworth Building tour as a present to my wife, since she loves NY’s architecture. We were delighted by the very extensive and detailed tour of this beautiful building. Professor Robins’s detailed knowledge of its history and details was delightful. This is a wonderful tour that anybody visiting this city should take. Details found in the building and knowledge shared by Professor Robins are a delicious treat for anybody hungry for beauty and knowledge of NYC architectural treasures.

  9. Lauren States 9 Aug 2017 |

    We really enjoyed the tour with Tony. He has a deep knowledge of Grand Central Terminal and NY City history – and shares it with a very engaging style. Though we had been through GCT thousands of times, Tony showed us hidden treasures and pointed out details that we had seen – and yet not seen! My friends and I really enjoyed the tour and highly recommend it! Thx so much, Tony, for a fabulous afternoon!

  10. jim mackin 29 Jul 2017 |

    The Tony Robins talk and tour of Art Deco buildings in the Bloomingdale neighborhood was extraordinary. I thought I knew Art Deco until his incredibly insightful points came along. A great teacher he is, inspiring students like me, to enjoy architecture with deeper understanding. Thank you, Tony, thank you, and thank you.

  11. Melissa 25 Jun 2017 |

    Art Deco Wall Street was my 6th tour with Tony. As always he teaches us to look up and fills the tour with history, fun anecdotes and appreciation for the Art Deco gems of NYC. I’m looking forward to my next tour!

  12. Molly 16 Jun 2017 |

    Very informative, lively, and enjoyable presentation on Thursday night. I learned a lot about Art Deco and architecture in general. Very worthwhile.

  13. Another wonderful evening with Tony Robins! Our LANDMARK WEST! group was treated to a fantastic presentation on Gotham’s Deco skyscrapers, plus a neighborhood walk to see some of the Upper West Side’s own Deco treasures. We always feel so lucky to spend time with one of the city’s most knowledgeable architectural historians…thank you, Tony!

  14. Sam Lau 29 Jan 2017 |

    I recently took Tony’s 90-minute Woolworth Building tour with some friends and we were all thoroughly blown away by his profound knowledge and passion for the building, the city, architecture, and art history. We feel so lucky that we got to experience this seldom seen New York treasure and even more so that we got to do it with him as our guide.

  15. Sandra Bloom 26 Dec 2016 |

    My husband and I took the Rockefeller Center tour and thought Tony Robins did an outstanding job of both explaining the history and context of how Rockefeller Center was built and also of giving insight into the architectural choices and aesthetic aspects of this New York landmark. We will definitely look for future tours he leads.

  16. Gerard Aguis 4 Dec 2016 |

    I had an exceptional experience at the Woolworth building tour with Anthony Robins that I recommend to everyone. The magnificent beautiful architecture & history is immeasurable. Thank you so much on your inspired knowledge on this Landmark.

  17. christine anderson 27 Nov 2016 |

    I took the Woolworth Building tour today — an amazing building and an excellent tour by Anthony Robins. Also enjoyed his Central Park West Art Deco tour last month . I learn so much and come home with a list of topics to Google! I will be watching for more of his tours.

  18. Lois Weitzner 21 Oct 2016 |

    I attended the Grand Central tour through the Bronx Botanical Garden on October 21. It was simply outstanding. Great historical, artistic, architectural, social history. I wish there was a part 2. Mr. Robins has formidable knowledge. A real treat.

  19. Katherine Dalsimer 17 Oct 2016 |

    The tour of Art Deco on Central Park West–superb! Anthony is wonderfully knowledgeable about architecture, about history, and about architectural history. And lively and interesting! He discussed buildings I’ve walked by many times over the years, and now I’ll always see them with different eyes. A gift that keeps on giving!

  20. Roberta Nusim 16 May 2016 |


    On behalf of all of the groupies from the Art Deco Society of New York, thank you for another fabulous day. Exploring Washington Heights with you yesterday was a delightful discovery for our members. Your mastery of the subject combined with your engaging delivery made for another insightful tour. So glad that you gave us a preview of your upcoming book of New York Art Deco tours. It is clear that it’s going to be a “must have” not only for Deco lovers but for every New Yorker.

    Thanks again!

  21. Carolyn & Bill Thornton 10 Apr 2016 |

    We thoroughly enjoyed the Cast-Iron Tour of SOHO. New York City and you are filled with interesting information!

    There is a book, “Water For Gotham”, that I believe enlightens much of the activity and history in the early days of New York City. Most major, successful cities of the world have a present river or lake with abundant, potable water. New York City is built on a solid rock island with neither river nor springs, being surrounded by salt water and brine.


    Following the Great Fire in 1835, water from the Croton River helped feed and fuel the economic growth that built the Cast-Iron buildings.

  22. Del Parkinson 10 Apr 2016 |

    Tony Robins is a superb guide! He is extremely knowledgeable. He conveys fascinating information in an interesting and memorable fashion. He led our group of two dozen participants on a walking tour of the Times Square area. The pace was just right. Although the primary focus was on Broadway theaters, he also explained how the area was developed and is continuously being redeveloped. Everything was placed in a historical context. Previously I had read a thoroughly-researched article that he wrote about the Times Square area. Tony has a passion for New York and clearly loves sharing his enthusiasm with interested guests. I thoroughly recommend joining him on a tour. It is an experience that you always will remember!

  23. Irene Rabinowitz 24 Mar 2016 |

    I took the Grand Central Terminal tour this morning (thanks to the New York Botanical Garden membership) and saw the terminal like I never have before. I am a native New Yorker and have passed through the terminal many, many times and for the FIRST time actually saw it in all its glory! Such a colorful and detailed history provided by Anthony. I’m anxious to go back and take my husband to the Campbell Apartment for a drink-who knew it existed! Thank you Anthony for such a delightful and information filled morning.

  24. Robert Brenner 1 Mar 2016 |

    Tony’s seminar at the MAS: Everything you wanted to know about researching buildings in New York City, but were afraid to ask.

  25. Harold Treiber 28 Feb 2016 |

    Our tour of the Woolworth building was excellent. We appreciated your knowledge, your humor and your insights. Thank you for sharing the joy of the building.

  26. Joan Goldberg 27 Feb 2016 |

    Through my membership in the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, I learned about Tony Robins’s course Researching the Buildings of NY, offered through the Municipal Art Society. Fascinating, meticulously presented, lively and a treasure trove of information from beginning to end. Everyone in the class felt the same. We met for 4 Tuesday evenings in February and ended with a half day field trip to Municipal Archives, City Register’s Office and ….god help us all – the DOB. Invaluable course for those interested in researching early structures to the present day.

  27. Rikki Samuels 31 Jan 2016 |

    What an exciting, informative and fun tour the Woolworth Building was.

  28. Anita Goss 28 Dec 2015 |

    I took Anthony’s Woolworth Tour on Sunday and was thrilled and amazed. I learned so much about early NYC architecture and fascinating details about the Woolworth Building. Anthony is not only an authority on NYC history but also a delightful person. I plan to take many of his other tours.

  29. Susan van Tongeren 28 Dec 2015 |

    What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Even though we lived for many years in the neighborhood, we wanted to know more about the Woolworth building. Tony is a great source of knowledge and enthusiasm. Much appreciated!

  30. Brad Vogel 28 Sep 2015 |


    Many thanks for the superb tour of Grand Central Terminal. Our young professionals group, the Columns Club, thoroughly enjoyed seeing the detail and grandeur of the structure come to life with your expert help. It was a memorable evening, and we received many compliments on your exhaustive knowledge of the building. Thanks again.

    Brad V

  31. Christina 17 Aug 2015 |

    It was such a pleasure and a privilege to take the Woolworth tour with Anthony Robins as a guide! With his knowledge and passion, he was able to impart an appreciation for things that one might take for granted. He highlights the details of the buildings and then gives you the historical and symbolic background of these details. Easily one of the best tours I’ve ever taken.

  32. Perry 12 Jun 2015 |

    Mr. Robins

    I took your tour of the Woolworth building in February of ’15. It was fantastic! Your knowledge of the building and its environs are unparalleled. Thank you for a great and wonderful experience. It is something that I will NEVER forget. One small request if I may sir: Organize a tour of the penthouse and upper stories! Cheers!

  33. Roberta Nusim 20 Apr 2015 |

    On behalf of the Art Deco Society of New York many thanks for yesterday’s spectacular tour of Art Deco landmarks in the five boroughs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Landmarks Preservation Law. Your planning and selection of buildings was filled with wonderful surprises and many delights. The information you shared with our members between stops made every moment meaningful and gave our members much to think about as the Art Deco Society tries to play a more active role in protecting some of our city’s lesser known Deco gems. You are, in fact, one of our city’s Deco gems, as well! We very much look forward to the publication of your next book on New York Art Deco. Thanks again.

  34. Anthony C. Wood 1 Apr 2015 |

    Tony: Had a chance to see your exhibit “New York’s Transportation Landmarks”–at the Transit Museum at Grand Central Terminal–over the weekend. It is terrific and the text truly reflects a nuanced knowledge of preservation and preservation history–very refreshing! I was thrilled to overhear one viewer, while discussing the Penn Station section, mention the loss of the Larkin building in Buffalo! Who knew anyone else remembered such things. Congratulations! Hope the press picks it up.

  35. Caitlin Hawke 29 Mar 2015 |

    What a rich and clear presentation for the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group. Your dogged pursuit of knowledge is a model to be emulated. Thank you!

  36. Marjorie Cohen 26 Mar 2015 |

    Tony was the featured speaker at a recent public program of the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group, “How to be a History Detective: Using high tech tools and old-fashioned sleuthing to uncover the history of Upper West Side buildings.” Tony presented an hour-long PowerPoint absolutely chock full of wonderful sources for anyone interested in architectural history. He introduced the audience to dozens of resources that are available to would-be historians–the amount of knowledge that he shared with us was truly amazing. Rave reviews keep on coming to us from members of the audience even weeks after the program. We are so thankful for the Neighborhood Preservation Center for introducing us to Tony and arranging for him to take part in our program.

  37. Kate 23 Mar 2015 |

    I recently went on Anthony’s tour of the Woolworth Building – what a fantastic way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Anthony is both knowledgeable and articulate, and his tour was engaging and fun. I am excited to share all that I learned with friends who visit me in New York – and to go on more of Anthony’s tours throughout the city!

  38. Tony 18 Mar 2015 |

    We had the pleasure of taking Tony’s Times Square/Broadway Theater District tour. The two-hour tour went by too fast with memories and new information from a very knowledgeable guide. We come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the area.

    We wouldn’t hesitate having Tony as our guide again!

  39. Jane 16 Mar 2015 |

    The Robins tour of the Woolworth Building was more than expected in every way.
    Tony is a knowing and thoughtful guide, helping us to see and to understand what we are seeing. In some magical way he turns the ragtag group of viewers into lovers of a building he also clearly loves. Eager to go on his tour of Grand Central… He’s a New York City asset.

  40. Sam Stonefield 15 Mar 2015 |

    My wife and I just took the 4:00 Woolworth Building tour with Tony Robins. The building is magnificent, the tour was terrific, and so was Tony. His knowledge and enthusiasm were infectious. He skillfully selected key details of the building, its art and its construction and very helpfully placed the building and the architect in the New York and international art and architectural context. Great tour.

  41. Jacqueline O'Neill 10 Mar 2015 |

    It was a pleasure taking the MAS Building Research class with Tony–his enthusiasm for and deep knowledge of his field made for a very rewarding class. He took the time to share the resources and knowledge he has gained over the years in a thoughtful and compelling manner. He finished off the class by organizing a trip to the Manhattan Register’s office and Municipal Archive to put what we learned to work! Thank you for an awesome class Tony!

  42. Ellen 15 Feb 2015 |

    My friend and I took the tour of the Woolworth Building this afternoon. It was wonderful. I have passed the building many times and never knew what treasures were inside. Mr Robins clearly loves the building and enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge.
    Highly recommended!.

  43. Cynthia Meyers 15 Feb 2015 |

    We took the Woolworth tour in January and enjoyed it so much! Tony provided a well balanced mix of history, technology, design, art, and anecdote. I strongly recommend his tours!

  44. Glenda and Ira Copperman 15 Feb 2015 |

    The Woolworth Building Tour today was terrific. We didn’t even realize that the time had passed. We are looking forward to signing up for another tour very soon.

  45. Mary-Kay 10 Feb 2015 |

    My friend and I were delighted with Tony Robins’ tour of the Woolworth Building Lobby! Tony’s commentary, drawing upon his extensive knowledge, added a rich layer to our enjoyment of a truly remarkable and beautiful building. I especially appreciated the way Tony put the building and Woolworth in historical context. A very engaging experience.

  46. Spencer 9 Feb 2015 |

    My wife and I attended a Woolworth building tour led by Tony Robins. I had a great time and was impressed by the depth of Tony’s knowledge about the history and architecture of this building and others in NYC. Well worth the time for a great learning experience.

  47. We just took the Woolworth Building tour with Tony Robins and were truly impressed with the depth and scope of knowledge he commands as well an ability to manage a very sizable group. He has been one of the best docents we have ever encountered not only for the clear expertise he has and was able to convey, but the manner of his guiding us was truly educational and inspiring given his obvious passion for New York history, landmarks and history. Don’t miss this tour but give yourself a couple of months of planning as he books quickly. I would go on any tour he offers!

  48. Marty and Doug Crigler 21 Jan 2015 |

    We took your Sunday January 11, 2015 tour of the Woolworth building. Fabulous. Quite obvious you know this building inside and out and you are so passionate about articulately sharing your love of the grand old building. We will plan on trying to get in another of your tours then next time we are in The City.
    Thank you!
    Marty and Doug
    PS Thanks for your China Town recommendation for lunch. Yum!!!

  49. Mary 11 Jan 2015 |

    Thank you for the Woolworth Building Lobby tour. Informative architecture trivia for all us geeks who are hot for details. You filled in the gaps and enlightened us with your knowledge. It was great to finally get inside again one of NYCs great buildings. Too bad the lobby desk girl was rude to us. She had no idea how starved we were to behold such a manmade marvel of materials and artistry. Thanks again. And thanks to the new owner for finally allowing the city back in.

  50. Myra Nissen 1 Jan 2015 |

    I took your Rockefeller Center tour on December 28. I learned so much and I am a native New Yorker. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information and comments. I will look at all the buildings with new eyes now.
    Happy New Year.
    Myra Nissen

  51. Daniel Lovins 25 Dec 2014 |

    Once again I’m very impressed with Tony Robins. Today he provided a stimulating and learned commentary on the art, architecture, and history of Rockefeller Center. Only so much can be squeezed into a two-hour walking tour — especially with something as gigantic as Rockefeller Center — but Tony handled it beautifully.

  52. Susan Demmet 18 Nov 2014 |

    I took a tour with Tony Robins this past Sunday. Tony made me forget the freezing cold temperatures and made me think about Art Deco from Murray Hill to Gramercy Park. His handout was thought provoking. Tony’s views on architecture in New York are exceptional. I would recommend any tour with Tony.

  53. Daniel Lovins 16 Nov 2014 |

    This morning my wife and I joined Tony’s tour “Art Deco: From Murray Hill to Gramercy Park”. I have taken many high-quality tours with MAS, and this was one of the best. Tony is exceedingly knowledgable and well-prepared. He opened my eyes anew to buildings I have passed by multiple times but had stopped *seeing*. Despite the frigid temperature and going over the allotted time, I never once lost interest or felt tired.

  54. Eric Medlin 27 Oct 2014 |

    An amazing tour! Mr. Robins has an encyclopedic knowledge of the Woolworth Building and Cass Gilbert. His love of history and architecture is an inspiration and I will definitely be looking for another one of his tours the next time I visit the city.

  55. Thank you for sharing your architectural expertise and vast knowledge of the preservation efforts of Margot Gayle, founder of the Victorian Society in America (VSA), with our group. Because of your personal connection with Margot Gayle, I was eager for you to lead this special tour for new members of The Victorian Society New York, a local chapter of the VSA. Your walking tour, Margot Gayle’s TriBeCa, illustrated Gayle’s triumphant preservation efforts by showcasing the work of architect James Bogardus’ magnificent cast-iron structures. Your personal anecdotes, informative hand-outs, and amplification device contributed to the whole experience in a very positive way. I learned so much — and our new members were equally engaged and edified by all that you provided. And, least I forget, your hat! So easy to locate and follow you along the “mean” streets of TriBeCa. Thank you, Tony, for a terrific experience!

  56. Kathy Brady 19 Oct 2014 |

    Anthony W. Robins is an educator as well as a tour guide! His tour of the Woolworth Building was as detailed and enriching as it was fun. If you love New York City, you will love this tour.

  57. Candace Preston 2 Oct 2014 |

    A wonderful tour of Art Deco in midtown. So much information, thoughtfully presented and easy to understand. Thank you!

  58. Lucy Joye 2 Oct 2014 |

    As a native New Yorker, I thought I was familiar with the buildings in midtown Manhattan. But I discovered on Tony Robins’s Midtown Art Deco tour an exciting new way to view and appreciate these architectural gems.

  59. Roberta Nusim 30 Sep 2014 |

    Once again Tony Robins hosted The Art Deco Society of New York in a wonderful afternoon of Deco discoveries, this time throughout the borough Queens. Tony’s knowledge of New York’s Deco buildings — those well known and some hidden treasures — is unsurpassed. Our members always look forward to his sold-out tours which are among the highlights of our Deco Season.

  60. Kim Schwark 28 Sep 2014 |

    Thank you, Tony, for a fabulous walking tour of Art Deco Architecture of Midtown New York. You are a wealth of knowledge, and so passionate about the subject. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves… all 15 of us!

    The Aussie Vintage Shopping Gals

  61. James Quimby 25 Aug 2014 |

    My wife and I just took the 90 minute Woolworth Building tour. Tony must be one of the most knowledgeable people alive today about this building. He is obviously an expert on NYC architecture. His tour clearly showed a very sincere fondness of the Building. We learned details about NYC history in general, architecture in particular, and a lot of specifics about the Building and the Woolworth story. The tour was very entertaining and informative.

    I recommend the Woolworth Building tour to anyone with the slightest interest in NYC history or architecture.

  62. Terry Brennan 19 Aug 2014 |

    Tony Robins’s Art Deco Tour of Central Park West and environs just may have been the best tour I’ve ever taken during the 30 years or so that I’ve been taking tours in New York. He certainly knows his Art Deco architecture and the reasons why the style emerged.

  63. Hannah Marks 18 Aug 2014 |

    Tony Robins’ walking tour of Art Deco on the Upper West Side was one of the best I have encountered of that area, and I have been doing walking tours of Manhattan since the late ’70’s. Not only is Tony extremely knowledgeable, he is able to communicate his expertise easily to a cross section of participants who are all at different levels of architectural interest and background. Tony is always very generous with his time. I was on one of his Art Deco walks where a 2 hour tour turned into a fascinating 3 1/2 hours !

  64. Rarely have I received so many compliments for a library tour. Our tour-goers had previously listened to a lecture by Tony on Art Deco New York so they were pretty familiar with the subject. However nothing compared with being with Tony and listening to all his stories and anecdotes. His knowledge, professionalism, and his wonderful personality blended together for a perfect time.

  65. Alex Foster 14 Jul 2014 |

    The tour of Downtown given by Tony was truly insightful and educational; the knowledge displayed by Tony made the tour very interesting. Tony was able to answer every question instantly with immaculate detail and maximum enthusiasm. I would recommend this expert profusely; any price would be a bargain.

  66. Tami Frank 14 Jul 2014 |

    I would 100% definitely recommend this tour of Downtown to anyone, whether as a tourist or even as a NEW YORKER! After seeing so much history behind just the small downtown NYC area, I can’t wait to book another tour of the other areas that have yet to be explored. Anthony is engaging and never at a loss for words. I thoroughly LOVED it!

  67. Whitney Pittard 11 Jul 2014 |

    Went on a tour in the financial district. Loved learning about the history around where I work and Tony was so knowledgeable on everything and knew so many interesting facts. I had been in the area and not known all these amazing places were around, so it was a fun adventure exploring and learning about the history and extra interesting information that I feel most people wouldn’t know!

  68. Yehudith Sandorfy 11 Jul 2014 |

    Anthony led a wonderful two-hour guided tour of the Financial District for our employees and interns. His knowledge and eloquence kept us fascinated and left us with a greater appreciation for our home away from home. He taught us to look at what story the buildings are telling us. The feedback from our team was fantastic. We look forward to doing future events together.

  69. Tony Robins did a program for the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation on the history of the Hotel Albert back in February. Here is some of the audience feedback:
    • Loved the talk…and the focus on the people.
    •Absolutely fabulous—-not only was the topic and content fascinating, but it was delivered in a way that was like listening to an exciting story being told.
    •As soon as the program ended, we walked over to take a look at The Albert. We had seen it before, but now it had more of a personality. How very different to know so much of its history.
    •Terrific presentation… Really loved it.
    And my own 2 cents is that I really enjoyed working with Tony and his presentation was excellent!

  70. Tony’s knowledge and the the clarity of communicating it give all program participants “new eyes”. You see things you never noticed and understand so much about the designs and thinking behind the buildings on the tours. We have been on three tours now and will go on all others we can. A remarkable and wonderful way to spend a day in the city.

    Thanks and hat’s off to you, Tony!

  71. Excellent tour of the Woolworth building as Anthony Robins provided insightful detail and wonderful sidebars that made the era come alive. Would highly recommend this tour of an American icon and his tribute to commerce.

  72. Michael Wierzbicki 27 Jan 2014 |

    Thanks Tony for an informative and enjoyable tour of the Woolworth Building. I only wish there was something longer than 90 minutes, as I felt I could have spent the whole day learning more and staring at that wonderful architecture. Thanks again.

  73. Joel Kellner 26 Jan 2014 |

    The Woolworth Building architectural tour was simply wonderful and worth every cent and every minute of the hour-and-a-half visit you took leading us all. Who knew there was such a wealth of information in just 3 floors and the exterior of a 101-year-old building?!?

  74. Vicky Myers 6 Jan 2014 |

    My husband and I took a tour with Tony of Art Deco in Midtown Manhattan. To be on the inside of the deco buildings & neighborhoods of that era is a huge added attraction of NYC (aside from its museums, parks & shopping). The industrial, linear and stylized components of that era are exemplified in the Daily News Bldg, Chrysler and Chanin Blds, American Radiator and more. But to listen to Tony’s enthusiastic comments of that historical segment of NYC is delightful.

  75. Dawn Connolly 6 Jan 2014 |

    Took the 90 minute tour of the Woolworth Building lobby yesterday and it was fantastic! I highly recommend it for anyone interested in architecture and NYC history.

  76. Margaret Davidson 23 Dec 2013 |

    I quote from another comment: “wit and vigor.” Tony’s enthusiasm for his subject (The Woolworth Building) was infectious, and I feel privileged to have gone on his tour. How could I not have been in this building in the 50 years I’ve lived in New York? I hope the new owners will continue to allow Tony to take groups into the lobby and up to the mezzanine–this is a building that shouldn’t be kept from the public.

  77. Gail Green 19 Dec 2013 |

    Tony’s tour of the Woolworth Building was both inspiring and informative. With great élan and erudition, his delivery never skipped a beat imparting interesting facts and info. His wit and vigor lent an especial enthusiasm to the tour. He made the past come alive through his fascinating anecdotes of the time, a reinventing of that age’s zeitgeist.

  78. Martin Weisfuse 6 Dec 2013 |

    I had the great pleasure of attending Tony’s tour of Grand Central Terminal. My office is next door and I walk there daily. Now I see it with new eyes and appreciate the wonderful architecture and history as I never knew before. Tony is an outstanding communicator and his tour was like walking through history. I loved it.

  79. I’m so glad you offer a way to keep abreast of your tour schedule and activities. Though I live in Chicago, I’ve taken all your Deco tours, including an annual Christmas day tour of Rockefeller Center that you only reluctantly broke off to make way for a major snowstorm already emerging. I hated to see it end; I’d follow your tours anywhere, even through a storm. Your enthusiasm for New York and good architecture combined with an appreciation of the fine points of your subject guarantee a satisfying tour experience. Keep ’em coming: I can’t wait to take more!

  80. Your Woolworth Tour was most wonderful, whether one knows everything about Woolworth and Gilbert or whether one does not know anything. You gave us the big picture and the little picture, the concepts and the details.

    You could make reading the phonebook of great interest.

  81. John & Glynis Billett 22 Nov 2013 |

    Tony Robins took us on the most informative interesting and very enjoyable walking tour of the major Art Deco commercial and residential buildings in Manhattan. Quite the best experience we have ever had in New York. We came to realise how much you miss by keeping your view of life at eye level. He raised our eyes to the skies and we saw so much more. Tony is not only very informed, he is also delightful sensitive company. Thanks for 4 wonderful hours.

  82. Tony’s sold out tours for the Art Deco Society of New York are always one of the highlights of our season. Tony’s wonderful selections and depth of knowledge on our recent tour of the Art Deco masterpieces in the Bronx made for a memorable afternoon. Whatever the area of New York, Tony’s tours are full of Deco discoveries that delight and inform our members.

  83. Lucille Bass 13 Nov 2013 |

    Tony Robins makes history come alive in the many venues where he shares his knowledge – in a lecture, on a tour, in a book. In fact, whenever I see something with Tony’s name I sign up immediately and then I look at the subject and date. If it is something I had already seen/heard I will still probably go because I learn something new each time. If I find it to be at an inconvenient date I gladly give the ticket to a friend. I have never been disappointed with time spent with Tony Robins.

  84. Debra Martin 13 Nov 2013 |

    Fabulous talk, Tony. I have a new appreciation for the complexity of the engineering and the architecture of Grand Central Terminal. I was so excited to hear references to the French Gare d’Orsay, as I had the opportunity to visit it last year and was thoroughly impressed. Thanks again for coming to Delaware to speak!

    Debbie Martin
    Historic Preservation Planner, City of Wilmington, DE
    Friends of the Furness Railroad District

  85. I’m very proud that Hagley could support Tony’s discussion on the Grand Central Terminal at Winterthur. Tony’s lecture was a joy, very accessible and inspiring to those who aren’t even all that familiar with New York. Who knows, maybe New York will see a few more tourists this fall as a result? I for one, now feel obliged to eat at the Oyster Bar!

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