WTC Archive – Politics and P.R.

In this section: various Port Authority documents relating to building support for the project.

  1. Telegram to the editorial page of the New York Times February 14, 1964; three pages – includes claim that a modern jet-liner crashing into one of the towers would not cause its collapse
  2. Press release accompanying the telegram, February 24, 1964; one page
  3. Letter from Austin Tobin to Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, April 16, 1964; requesting his support for the project; five pages
  4. Letter from Austin Tobin to the New York City Council, addressed to Thomas J. Cuite, Chairman, Council Committee on Finance, August 10, 1964; three pages
  5. Letter from Austin Tobin to William Schmidt, Acting Commissioner, Public Buildings Service, General Services Administration, Washington D.C.,March 15th, 1965; two pages
  6. Letter from Austin Tobin to Roger Starr, Executive Director, Citizens Housing and Planning Council of New York, Inc.; March 29th, 1965; three pages
  7. Austin Tobin’s Statement to City Planning Commission May 3, 1967; 30 pages
  8. Proposed position paper for METCOP – undated; two pages

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